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Your first singing lesson is always special to us as we discuss your personal musical goals, stylistic preferences, assess your vocal abilities and agree on a plan to turn your musical dreams into reality.

singing lessons brisbane


In your first lesson, your teacher will assess the range and timbre of your voice and engage you in a number of breathing and vocal exercises designed to maximise your tone, expand your range and improve projection and power

Being able to sing your favourite songs is, of course, our priority and your teacher will get started straight away, choosing the right key for your voice and accompanying you on piano. We are also heading for singing live on stage so your teacher will show you good microphone techniques.  Your voice is an instrument like any other so your teacher will also show you how to read proper musical notation including rhythms, melodies, and arrangements.

private singing lessons in brisbane

Private Lessons

Private weekly lessons will introduce all of the essential skills in our proven teaching syllabus guiding you to success in your singing.

play in a band

Play In A Band

Our bands are in demand at local music festivals, school events such as Australia Day and Queensland Day. Get involved!

Fast Progress

Fast Progress

Our studios are set up with computers loaded with the latest software and a massive library of songs, singing techniques and much more.

Experienced Teachers

Experienced Teachers

All of our teachers are qualified professional musicians who are keen to inspire, mentor and guide their students to the next level!

One to One Lessons

An individual lesson with you teacher and mentor each week is the fastest and most enjoyable way to progress quickly and confidently with your chosen musical instrument. Your teacher will guide you in your path, balancing all of the technical, reading, theoretical, rhythmic, stylistic and artistic skills required to become a great musician.

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Play in a Band

Playing together with like minded musicians is one of the best ways to play & enjoy making music. Mark Joe Hope Music School excels in bringing students together, teaching them how to play live as a cohesive unit and giving them the opportunity to perform regularly throughout the year to appreciative audiences at great venues in Brisbane.

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Concerts & Events

Our gigs & concerts have become highlights of the year for our students, teachers, parents, friends and families. Getting up on a professional stage with support and guidance from our top sound engineers and teachers is an experience that our students of all ages work hard for, love and enjoy. As well as performing live at our shows, Mark Joe Hope Music School bands are also in demand at local community music festivals, school fetes and events such as Australia Day and Queensland Day, supporting and celebrating our community.

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Videos and Galleries

Here are some photos and videos from some of the many concert events that we have held over the last 10 years...

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As a professional performing and recording musician, Mark has studied and performed music in an incredibly wide range of musical genres over many years. Together with our incredibly talented teaching staff we have all musical styles covered. We also foster the writing, development and recording of original music with our students, one of the most rewarding experiences our teachers and students enjoy. Some of the many musical genres we teach and perform on guitar include Rock, Pop, Country, Classical, Reggae, World, Indie, Jazz, Latin, Blues, Slide, Progressive Rock, Metal and Soul.

Meet Our Teachers!

Learn from some of the best singing teachers out there! We're ready to help you find your voice and ensure you have fun doing it!

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Book Your First Lesson!

We would love to meet you! Book your first singing lesson now! We look forward to welcoming you into our music school community.

Your Journey To Excellence

Step 1

Getting Started...

Let's get the Basics - Start reading music - Learn to use your voice - Start with easy songs.

Step 2

Understanding It All

Moving on with scales and modes, as well as melodies. Put some theory behind the practice and start our contemporary courses.

Step 3

Testing Yourself

AMEB exams, play in our bands, get involved in singing your favorite genres.

Step 4

Giving Back!

Tertiary studies and come on back to teach with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you run your lessons?

Our students come for a one on one private lesson once a week at the same time with a regular teacher. Pay for the first lesson only and make sure you are happy with your teacher and they are happy with you. We bill in 5-week blocks, payable at the beginning of each block

Do you teach absolute beginners?

Yes we are very experienced at teaching people from the beginning as well as singers with some experience and advanced singers.

Where are you and do we come to you?

We have a dedicated house in Greenslopes, 747 Logan Rd with 4 spacious studios, computers loaded with teaching resources, musical instruments, a comfortable waiting room, and a great atmosphere.

Do you teach online?

All of our teachers are experienced with teaching online and our studios have PCs with high-quality webcams as well as teaching resources that are effective in communicating sheet music online. Whether you require distance education or just need the convenience of taking your lesson from home we can deliver great online singing lessons.

What happens if need change a lessons time?

Just contact Mark by SMS or email and we can move your lesson to another spot with the same teacher or one of our other great teachers.

What happens if you do not like the teacher's style?

As we have a number of excellent teachers we are able to book you with another teacher who will be able to meet your personal needs and groove.