Contemporary Guitar Teaching Courses Available Now!

Why do this course?  

Setting Goals  

Having clearly defined goals is an excellent motivator. Mark Joe Hope Music sets courses at educationally appropriate goals, and examinations are an opportunity for students to measure themselves against these goals. In addition, students learn to perform in front of others which develops stage presence and confidence.


Advance further from structured feedback  

Each candidate who completes a course exam receives independent feedback which will help students to progress by highlighting areas of strength and weakness under performance conditions to help guide students in their development.

Recognising achievement 

Each successful student receives an official certificate and personally engraved medal recognising their achievement. These are tangible reminders of a milestone achieved and will be a source of great pride. 


Each course subject has a corresponding syllabus which outlines the requirements for the examination. Mark Joe Hope Music sets educationally appropriate goals across a wide range of musical styles. Each syllabuses contain the information required in order to prepare for a practical exam, including technical work requirements, repertoire options, objectives and information regarding aural tests, sight reading and general knowledge. Candidates who undertake this course would be able to confidently start the Australia Musical Examinations Board (AMEB) Contemporary Popular Music (CPM) Level 1.
Practical exams
Mark Joe Hope Music offers 30 minute examinations for guitar covering contemporary styles and techniques. In general, practical examinations comprise the presentation of work in the following areas: theory and technical work; reading and set pieces; aural tests; improvisation and the performance of chosen pieces. This includes performing live with professional musicians covering the syllabus.
Course Costs
Total cost = $77.00 per course
All costs cover the examination, the Certificate of Achievement, the personalised engraved medal and live rock performance with professional musicians covering the syllabus.